Liability certificates

Tax, pension and insurance certificates

Our companies belong to the finnish -service. You can print a report for companies valid certificates for tax, pension and employee insurances as well as report from finnish trade register.This service is offered for free, but requires registration and is only available in finnish language. If You wish to have these or any other sertificates directly from us, please contact our head office: nosto (at)

All our companies have a liability insurance with maximum compensation of 3M€ (3.000.000,00).  For special cases the amount can be increased. You will find
below in English. Certificate for liability insurance 2024.

Our terms of employment are based on:

Crane drivers: Trade union contract for Earth and water construction industry between Infra ry and Rakennusliitto ry
Truck drivers: Trade union contract for Truck industry between ALT ry and AKT ry


Nostokonepalvelu companies are in finnish VAT -law 8c § mentioned buyers of construction services. For the purchases mentioned in this law, for the following companies, the reverse VAT for construction work applies.

Nostokonepalvelu RN Oy Nostokonepalvelu JK OY
Nostokonepalvelu Projects Oy Nostokonepalvelu AT Oy